Saturday, December 20, 2008


Ok here is the update since last we sold are place at Poteau and are now living in Arpelar it is nice since the kids get to do more they are in choir at the church and sis is still dancing and loves it and gets to do stuff with her friends she has met some very special girls at dance. Hog heaven We are ready for Christmas I wrapped the gift and they are under the tree it is killing the kids they think they know what is each package but i was smarter this year i got big boxes and then put the other box it ha ha. Oh i forgot we decided we were getting a new tree and so Monte and Jr went to Muskogee to get it sis and i went to choir so we got home it was bad it was tiny so i got up and went to Sherman, TX and got one then the next day i went Fort smith, AR to take the other back and do shopping but we got a new tree. The picture are from the Pumkin patch.
I will catch yah after the holidays.

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